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Online Wisdom Series



Too many people chase belonging with hope of finding wholeness.

We are learning that it is wholeness that we must seek first,
in and through ourselves,

from which belonging then naturally arises.

Too many circumstances in contemporary life
fill us with false promise,

vacated from needed wisdom.

In these days,
it is not more tools that we need; it is more connection.

It is not more information that we need; it is more wisdom.

This online series is about growing more wisdom, more wholeness, and more belonging
from the inside out.

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Relationship to Grief & Joy


Thursdays -- Feb 2, 9, 16 + 23, 2023

12pm - 2pm EST, or 7pm - 9pm EST

Human beings live in rather complex circumstances. For many, the pace of contemporary life demands urgency. It insists repetitive false narratives that pull us away from our more wise and soulful selves and communities.  

Grief gives us path to transformation, yet is so often overlooked and avoided. Only through grief can we truly transform things. Grief points us to letting go. To surrender. It's deeply personal. Yet it's also deeply communal.

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Relationship to Initiation

Last offered September 2022. Weekly Themes, 1) Elder, Guides, 2) Surrender, 3) Spirit Walk, 4) Earth Walk.

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Relationship to Forgiveness

Last offered February 2022. Weekly Themes, 1) Anger, 2) Grief, 3) Compassion, 4) Grace.

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Relationship to Joy

Last offered September 2021. Weekly Themes, 1) Commitment, 2) Activation,

3) Freedom, 4) Flow.

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Relationship to Presence

Last offered September 2020. Weekly Themes, 1) Stillness, 2) Courage, 3) Embodiment,

4) Joy.

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