Tropical Leaves

Quanita and Tenneson are the real deal. To describe working with them is to do a disservice to the experience as words can't fully capture the magic, power, and presence they bring. A good blend of thoughtful and intentional, they both show up in community rather than above it. 

Eric Mills, Workshop Participant

There are no greater advocates for inner work and self-healing in facilitation than Quanita Roberson and Tenneson Woolf.
Dr Myriam Hadnes, Host of the workshops work podcast, Founder of the NeverDoneBefore

Having attracted people of different ages and backgrounds, Quanita and Tenneson offered us a thought-provoking mix of ideas and spaciousness to explore them. This gift of stimulating deep dives opened my heart and my mind to more nuanced perspectives of our many-storied world and to my path through it.

Peggy Holman, Author of Engaging Emergence

Participating in the Wisdom series with Quanita and Tenneson has been a true gift to my heart and soul. I have worked with many facilitators and teachers over the years and they are undoubtedly some of the best out there. Holding a humble sacred space for all those who are ready and willing to dive deep, whilst also offering profound guidance delivered with a cheeky twinkle in their eyes. Wisdom, humour and humility - the winning combo. I look forward to their next offerings with great excitement and recommend their work to everyone on an awakening path. 
Donna Lancaster - Facilitator, Intuitive Coach and Author, UK.


“We reached out to Tenneson and Quanita hoping to find partners in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work. Our curriculum included protected space for medical students to meet in small groups called “Care Teams,” where they could discuss challenging topics and debrief lecture content. The Circle Trainings were meant to provide a framework for students to serve as peer facilitators in these Care Teams. After just one Circle training session, I could feel that something was different about this kind of education. Though the students had been with us in classroom, labs and skill centers since late August, this was the first time we were teaching them how to truly care for each other. Each learner was given permission to be present, authentic and vulnerable and the students responded with gratitude. My hope is that these medical students are starting to learn how to create that same permission and space for their future patients.” 

Stephanie White, DO, Associate Dean Clinical Education, Western University

Truth be told, it's been pretty smooth sailing for us since last summer. The board is remarkably free of conflict and has made all of its major decisions at its last two meetings with unanimity. Our meeting last week concluded with an elder statesman of the church remarking on how far we have come in recent years - from a board consumed with conflicts and mutual suspicions to a remarkably peaceable and productive body. I don't take that for granted, and I'm not so naive to think all of our meetings in the next year will be without challenging moments, and I think our recent successes have to do with a lot of different factors - but one thing I think has made a real difference are the practices we've worked on with Quanita and Tenneson even at a distance.
The Rev. Cameron Barr, Senior Pastor, United Church of Christ at Chapel Hill; National Board Chair, United Church of Christ

Thanks for leading me into the deep with confidence and trust in the process. Fire & Water made this trip possible in ways I can't fully name yet. 
Juliet Barrett, Fire & Water Participant