Our Programs


We offer signature programs, tried and tested. 

We offer customized workshops and retreats. 

We work with you to experiment a way forward with purpose.

We work with senior leadership teams. We work with organizations and communities.

We work with people committed to reclaiming what they care about. 


Whether your need be coaching and consulting, or facilitation and workshop design, 

our programs focus not just on "what" you do, but "how" you do it well together.

Upcoming Events


ECP & Immersion 

We hold a variety of circle workshops to guide simple starting points for lives lived in circle, be that work, community, or family. We offer this to stir

advanced presence, pattern, and practice.


Wisdom Series
Online 4-Weeks

These online gatherings mix teaching, sharing stories, asking questions, practice, ritual, wondering and wandering to territories known and not known. 


Fire & Water
Leadership/Rite of Passage Journey

A 16-month leadership cohort program that includes three retreats, personalized coaching for leadership growth, monthly meeting with small groups, and bimonthly meeting as whole cohort. 

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Flow Game

Flow Game is an inquiry-based board game intended to guide individuals and teams into deeper levels of awareness and insight, to more profound and lasting levels of intuition and decision-making. We use Flow Game for team-building, for strategic imagining, and for community connection.

Support Group

Custom Coaching
Individual & Team

Quanita and Tenneson sometimes coach together and sometimes separately. Both invite thoughtful speaking, depth of listening, steps for moving forward from integral models.