Going to the edge

Returning to the heart


The first job is always connection.


Robustness is  relational.



The second job is often learning.


Who we are together is different and more than who we are alone. 


Next up is experiments.

It's about the courage to try things together.



All learning is about adapting.

Integrated learning evolves toward improvements and revolutions.


Human beings are more than lists of ToDos and ToDones.


Deliberate reflection builds capacity and connection. 

Our Focus on the Journey to Wholeness is CLEAR

We offer forms that you would anticipate. Consulting. Coaching. Workshops. Retreats. Meeting Design. Community engagement. Public speaking. Because these are each shapes that serve particular needs.


We also offer less common but much needed forms. Rituals. Healing circles. Witness processes. Grief ceremonies. Each of these forms embody what we have learned that individuals and groups seek, and that we love to offer.

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Our Focus is Value & Practice Centered




Wise & Soulful

More reuniting soul with role. Less merely passing time together.

Similarity & Difference

More strength in differences. Less surface uniformity.

Deep, Fun & Easy 

More playfulness and purpose. Less burdened replication and reaction.

Certainty & Uncertainty

More flow and creativity. Less command and control.

Inner & Outer, Present Moment & Longer Arc

More inner presence and pattern. Less outer blame, shame, and guilt.

Personal, Communal, & Global

More interdependence honoring individual and communal. Less myth of independence.

Complexity & Simplicity

More nuanced application. Less "one size fits all."


Our Process To Begin Working With You

1. First Contact
Sometimes it is an email from you. Sometimes it is a phone call. We welcome hearing of your circumstance and your longing. We welcome hearing of your desire for direction, improvements, and experiments. 

2. Invitation to Explore
Most often, a video conference, 30-60 minutes. Sometimes with an individual. Sometimes with a team who have been tasked to explore options. This is a time to slow down. To hear more of the story, more of the history, more of the yearning. To begin mapping more of need, purpose, principles, and people. To begin to feel scope, timing, and budget. 

3. Pause
Part of practicing wisdom together, from the start, is honoring the pause. We encourage people to step away, take a bit of time, and notice what stays with them. Our work always includes an invitation for a clear yes, which grows from option to say no. 

4. Get To It
Now it is time for simple first next steps, to give ourselves to a shared and co-creative path. 


"You have, together and as individuals, parted the layers of curtains called 'false narrative,' giving me my first glances of Reality. This revealing was done in such a way that I never felt fear in the reveal. I felt joy, awe, delight, and affirmation."

~Emilia Halstead, Leadership Journey Participant