Fire & Water

A 16 Month Adult Leadership & Rite of Passage Journey







Fire & Water is a leadership program that calls forward unique gift and genius in leaders of all ages. It calls forward abilities and instincts to work with clarity and kindness, humility and confidence, transparency, and awareness that we all seek meaning in our complex environments.





Fire & Water is a 16-month cohort program that requires commitment to not just external knowing, but internal grounding. So as to better serve and unite in community, in family, in social movements, in corporations, in governments, and in all systems that call for more wise collectives.





Fire & Water is about reclaiming wisdom and how we source that wisdom. It is for a time when we have urgent need to mature at the scale of sensibility, to dare to welcome a much needed transformation of leaders from adolescent to initiated and grown adults. 

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"My self trust has deepened as has my faith in Spirit and an experience of interconnectedness with all of life. In this of time of significant global shifting, NOW is the time to shed what no longer serves so that we can contribute to the Great Turning. With ease and flow and fierceness, Quanita and Tenneson guide us on this journey, inviting this shedding and emergence of authentic Self and community; their guidance commands our deep presence. And damn!! What awaits along the way is beyond all imagination!! All you have to do is surrender. "

Amy Howton, Becoming Beloved Community Coordinator at the Diocese of Southern Ohio
Past Fire & Water Participant