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Being Circle


We have learned to emphasize both being and doing Circle. Both matter.

Being, so as to feel a vibrational connection to purpose and community.

Doing, so as to add skill through principles and practices. 


Our Circle approach combines the lineage of ancient African Circle Wisdom

with the felt sense and methodology of The Circle Way.

By doing this we build stronger connections of support.

We connect the inner self with our outer reality.

We connect the importance of turning to one another

while at the same time turning further to self in community.



We continue to notice that people everywhere seek
and accomplishment.

We do it as individuals.
We hope for it as groups -- teams, organizations, families, and communities.

Being and belonging
requires courage from all of us.

Circle guides us and gives format and structure
for pressing issues of these times -- injustice, pandemic, race equity, healing, wholeness. 
​In meetings and in community.

This workshop is about 
growing new culture as individuals and groups.
It's a culture remembered, and, imagined into being.
It's creating enough space to get to 
shared meaning.
It's creating enough structure to get to order and practice.

Current Offerings
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Essence of Circle Practice

April 20, 2023

12pm-4pm EST


Dec. 5, 2023

5pm-9pm EST



We offer this ECP to guide simple starting points for lives lived in circle, be that work, community, or family. We offer this ECP to stir advanced  presence, pattern, and practice.


Circle Immersion

A Practicum of the Inner & Outer of Belonging and Contribution

December 7 - 11, 2022

Wednesday 6pm-Sunday 1pm

Hope Springs Institute


We offer this Immersion to hone more integrated circle living and circle practice. We offer it to grow a linked community of circle practitioners with courage, clarity, and skill to reclaim more communal ways with wisdom and soul.

Next offering, September 20-24, 2023 -- Registration coming January 2023.

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