Circle Immersion

A Practicum For the Inner & Outer of Belonging and Contributing

December 7-11, 2022 — Appalachian Ohio, USA

With Quanita Roberson & Tenneson Woolf

(this Circle Immersion will be held in English)



This Circle Immersion invites an international group to dive deeply into circle. It is centering in the basics, yet it is also going beyond learned practice, daring to move into the lived experience of circle. Deep. Fun. Easy. So as to reach new levels of belonging and contributing with self and with others.

Who Leads / Hosts This Immersion

For many years Quanita and Tenneson have been keen students to learn and restore practices that help people turn to one another. We have been highly attentive to things big and small that welcome people everywhere to reclaim dignity of authenticity, wisdom, and soulfulness together. We have learned with heart, brain, and body -- essence skills and vibrations that strengthen circle practice.

Circle is the form that we know most helps. As practice. As methodology. As way of being. As way of doing. Just enough format, principle, and practice to welcome more people to a sense of flow.


Our roots and inspirations in circle include West African circle traditions — mentoring from Jojopah Maria Nsoroma and learning from Sobonofu Some and Malidoma Some. More roots and inspirations come from The Circle Way — mentoring and learning from Christina Baldwin, Ann Linnea and other life-long practitioners. 

Why This Circle Immersion

Because people want to do go. Because skill, heart, and community matter.

Most people seek belonging. With community. With colleagues. With family. With self. Most people also seek contributing. Skills. Wisdom. Knowledge. Heart. Dreams. Again, with community. With colleagues. With family. With self.


Yet, the noise of contemporary life often interferes. Frantic doing is often patterned more than present being at a time when our doing without being renders many efforts hollow and vacant.


Most people wish to reclaim community. Most people seek collaboration. And cooperation. Most people seek to be good colleagues. And community members. Most people seek realness together, whether in overdue needed imagination or in befriending relationships with conflict. Most people seek justice, equity, and deep sense of belonging.


This Circle Immersion is for building courage and clarity for all of that

In This Circle Immersion We Will
  • Learn to discern times for formal circle and for informal circle

  • Explore integrated healthy masculine and healthy feminine in circle

  • Hone essences of circle being and doing (showing up, asking questions, listening acutely, speaking honestly, harvesting emergence, imprinting circle rhythm)

  • Deepen connection with self, other practitioners, and circumstance

  • Clarify circle’s cohering possibility with equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion.

  • Engage circle through mandalas, the labyrinth, story council, and play.

This Circle Immersion is For

People new to circle, yet committed to learning deeply. People experienced in circle from many traditions, also committed to learning and integrating deeply.


We welcome people from all walks of life, all professions. Managers, facilitators, team leaders, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs. Educators, artists, poets, musicians, spiritual community leaders, government shapeshifters, community organizers, social change activists. We welcome olders, distilling and harvesting wisdom. We welcome youngers, seeking formation for their life calling. We welcome middle-agers, integrating skills of mind and heart. We welcome men, women, the in-betweens, and the undecideds.

Cost + Registration


Registration includes:

- tuition,

- materials,

- shared accommodations (double occupancy — some single rooms may be available),

- and all meals, Wednesday dinner through Sunday lunch. 


$1,695 USD Regular

$1,495 USD Supported by Community

$1,895 USD Supporting Community


Registration is confirmed upon receipt of payment. 


Dates + Location


Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 6:00 pm - Sunday, December 11, 2022, 1:00 pm.


Hope Springs Institute

4988 Mineral Springs Road

Peebles, Ohio 45660




Hope Springs Institute, nested in Appalachian Ohio, is a home teaching space for much of Quanita and Tenneson’s work. The Institute is a non-profit retreat center with mission to cultivating peace through empowered leadership, innovative learning, and personal healing. Hope Springs abuts 100+ acres owned by the Arc of Appalachia, inviting visitors to enjoy 130-acres of pristine wilderness, three ponds, walking and hiking trails, a labyrinth, outdoor fire pit, Celtic Grandmother’s Circle for meditation. It is an ideal location to connect and learn as community, to relax and renew in Circle. Hope Springs Institute is a 1-2 hour drive from several Ohio cities and airports — Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Huntington and Charleston.