About Quanita & Tenneson

Quanita Roberson and Tenneson Woolf have over 40 years of combined experience in the fields of leadership, community, dialogue, and change. They bring unique perspective garnered over the years with good colleagues and friends ​in wide-ranging layers of organizations, systems, and learning communities. They have come together in QT Wisdom to share their gifts.


It's Personal

All of the work that any of us do is personal. It requires showing up. It requires noticing. It requires ability to connect inner awareness to outer reality.

It's Communal

Turning to one another is profoundly different than turning away. We are committed to practices of going further, together. 

It's Global

All of us want to contribute. We each bring a unique genius to the world. We matter. What we do in the world ripples out further than we could ever know.  We each are a part of the most un-utilized resource in the world.

Old Globe


Cultivating Wise, Soulful Leaders
In Person, In Community, In Organizations


We continue to notice, in these days,
it's not more tools that people need.

It's more connection.

It's not more information that people need. 

It's more wisdom,

more wholeness,

and more belonging
from the inside out.

Our Programs

We offer programs that we have either created ourselves or that we have nuanced from existing work to match our interests, values, and learning. We have offerings that are deep dives over long periods of time -- because we know that wisdom requires such. We also have offerings that are shorter, toes dipped in the lake  --  because we know that simple start points can change everything. 


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